Key Results

Summit purpose, proceedings and recommendations for action




Policy Recommendations

Policy recommendations for the State of Hawai`i developed from the Summit proceedings


opening remarks

Convenor’s call to action for this Summit


Nicole lowen

keynote address

Speech by Representative Nicole Lowen, Chair of the Hawai`i State House of Representatives Energy and Environment Committee

steve csonka

Overview of the aviation fuel certification process, airline-supplier partnering, and U.S. sustainable aviation fuel regional initiatives

Presentation by the Executive Director of the U.S. public-private Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuel Initiative (CAAFI)


Michael Wolcott

overview of the International Civil Aviation Organization Carbon Offset and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)

Introduction to to CORSIA by the Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Sustainability Center’s Executive Director


graham noyes

Introduction to Sustainable Aviation Fuel Suppliers and California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Presentation by the Executive Director of the Low Carbon Fuel Coalition


Marianne Csaky

Alaska Airlines’ Perspective

Remarks by the Director of Environmental Affairs, Alaska Airlines


Jesse Nikkel

southwest Airlines’ Perspective

Presentation by the Senior Environmental Specialist for Southwest Airlines

art parra

hawaiian Airlines’ Perspective

Presentation by the Senior Manager of Fuel Efficiency for Hawaiian Airlines


Adrien Gonzalez

united Airlines’ Perspective

Presentation by the Senior Manager of Strategic Analysis for United Airlines


Cory-Ann Wind

State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

The Pacific Coast Collaborative for Low-Carbon Fuel and Greenhouse Gas Policy, and Oregon’s Clean Fuel Program

carol sim

Washington State’s Sustainable Aviation Biofuels Work Group

Presentation by Ms Carol Sim, Assistant Executive Director of the Aviation Sustainability Center at Washington State University


Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuel Initiative’s Hawaii Focal

Hawaii and Island Renewable Jet Supply Chain Development – A 10-year history and results to date of the Green Initiative for Fuels Transition Pacific (GIFTPAC)

Jon Mauer

Keynote address

Remarks about Island Energy Services’ investments to facilitate renewable aviation fuel blending and distribution from its terminal in Kapolei, and the company’s new Ho`ala Carbon Offset program.


mark nakashima

keynote address

Remarks by Vice Speaker Nakashima about the need for renewable solutions for transportation for Hawaii, and strong program support for renewable hydrogen, for refining into jet fuel as well as use in fuel cell vehicles.


Ross Roley

Overview of the Green Initiative for Fuels Transition Pacific (GIFTPAC)

Remarks by Mr Ross Roley, Senior Analyst for Energy Security, on the background behind the U.S. Department of Defense’s energy security initiatives.  Overview of the IndoPacific Command and Navy co-led initiative, Green Initiative for Fuels Transition Pacific (GIFTPAC), and acceptance of the certificate of appreciation from the Hawaii State Legislature on behalf of the Command.


maria tome

relevant climate and transportation policy in Hawai`i

Presentation by Ms Maria Tome, Renewable Energy Division Chief for the Hawai`i State Energy Office

Danielle Bass

Carbon Offsets and results from Hawaii’s Carbon Offsets Symposium

Presentation by Ms Danielle Bass, the Hawai`i State Sustainability Coordinator

Anu Hittle

Hawaii STATE Climate Commission priorities and actions to date

Presentation by Ms Anu Hittle, the Hawai`i State Climate Commission Coordinator

Michael Wang

Overview of “Well to Wake” greenhouse gas lifecycle analytical methodology for transportation fuel

Presentation by Dr Michael Wang, Director of the Systems Assessment Center of the Energy Systems Division at Argonne National Laboratory

Scott Turn

tropical and Hawaii feedstock analysis for Sustainable Aviation Fuel supply

Presentation by Dr Scott Turn, Researcher at the Hawai`i Natural Energy Institute

Peter Matlock

feedstock research and development efforts

Presentation by Mr Peter Matlock, Bioeconomy adjunct professor at the University of Hawaii at Hilo

John Pierce

Moderated Discussion: Action Items for Renewable Jet in Hawai`i

Discussion moderated by Mr John Pierce, of counsel at Perkins Coie LLLP