Greenhouse Gas Analysis

Peer Exchange: Bench marking

Low-Carbon Transportation Policy
and Greenhouse Gas Analytical methodology

Workshop held Dec 4th 2019 for the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum at the Hawaii State Capitol



Key results and policy recommendations

Summit purpose, proceedings and recommendations for action


Blog post

AGENDA of Peer Exchange Proceedings

Agenda for this Hawaii Energy Policy Forum Peer Exchange




Greenhouse Gas Regulation in Transportation Fuel Policy

Policy overview of the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard, california Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and other relevant transportation policy which uses greenhouse gas reduction as a metric for success.  This is the executive summary of a report prepared for Simonpietri Enterprises clients.




Hawai`i Court Decisions Raise the Bar for Greenhouse Gases

Overview of two Hawaii State Supreme and 2nd Circuit Court decisions which enforced state greenhouse gas laws and  established relevant precedents for all state agency/board/commission contested case decisions and environmental impact statements/environmental assessments. This is an extract from a report prepared for Simonpietri Enterprises clients.



Hawaii Scenesetter and U.S. Greenhouse Gas Policy and Renewable Fuel Standard Overview

Presentation by the President, Simonpietri Enterprises LLC

maria tome

State of Hawai`i Greenhouse Gas Policy Overview

Presentation by Ms Maria Tome, Renewable Energy Division Chief for the Hawai`i State Energy Office


graham noyes

California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Overview

Presentation by the Executive Director, Low Carbon Fuel Coalition


Cory-Ann Wind

Oregon’s Greenhouse Gas Policy and Clean Fuel Program

Presentation by the Administrator, State of Oregon’s Clean Fuel Program

Michael Wang

U.S. Department of Energy’s GREET model for carbon lifecycle analysis and Hawaii’s petroleum benchmark

Presentation by Dr Michael Wang, Director of the Systems Assessment Center of the Energy Systems Division at Argonne National Laboratory

carol sim

Washington State’s Low-Carbon Aviation Task Force

Presentation by Ms Carol Sim, Assistant Executive Director of the Aviation Sustainability Center at Washington State University


Michael Wolcott

overview of the ICAO Carbon Offset and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)

Presentation by Dr Michael Wolcott, executive Director of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aviation Sustainability Center of Excellence


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